The Resurrection

And so the story goes that one rhinestone at a time, a legacy was laid that would last for many years to come…

Nearly four decades after closing its doors, G.Sherman & Company LTD. was re-established by Genna Sherman, second generation G, and eldest granddaughter of Gus Sherman, named for him. As G.Sherman Jewels, Genna honors her grandfather, his memory, and their G.Sherman connection. 

For as long as she can remember, Genna has been fascinated by her namesake, his jewels, and his legacy of elegance. As a child and into her early teens, Genna would frequent the local antique shows in search of her favorite treasures, and without fail, there they would be, sparkling just as bright in the counter top displays as she imagined they once had in major retailers. 

Early on, she learned to master the art of spotting a Sherman, her father (Gus’ son Mark) taught her how. The designs, the stones, that uncanny sparkle, the integrity of the plating, and of course the signature. She always knew that these jewels were significant, not only because she was proud her grandfather had made them, but because each and everyone had a unique story, a past life lived with ladies who felt special in their Sherman Jewels of Elegance 

After nearly ten years in the fashion industry, Genna resurrected her grandfather's business with one mission in mind; to share the brand, the jewels, and her heritage, with you; our new elegance.

As G.Sherman Jewels, we promise to honor our past and share a legacy we so treasure. It is with pleasure that Genna shares with you her archives of hand selected jewels.

Let’s resurrect elegance!