The jewels in our Heritage collection are vintage styles and creations made between 1949 and 1980 with select styles reimagined to reflect the way we wear our jewels today. 

Hand selected pieces from our extensive archives have been re-contextualized into three capsule collections honoring the feminine journey. Our Maiden, Mother and Crone collections were curated to reflect the elegant energies a women transitions through in her lifetime. 

Maiden, our collection of colorful jewels, represents a childish kind of playful elegance. Mother, our collection of aurora borealis and jet jewels represents the sensual elegance of a women's fertile years, and Crone, our collection of crystal jewels represents that stoic, sensible, regal elegance. In each stage, a women embodies her elegance differently, yet as she matures, she carries the energies from her past, into her present and eventually with her into her future.

In the same way she evolves, so have our jewels. Like each of us, our jewels have lived. Yes that’s right... our jewels have seen a lot go on! Lavish balls, epic parties, happy celebrations, monumental moments, and unforgettable experiences. They carry with them the experiences and the elegant energies they’ve been imbued with by the women who’ve worn and cherished them before you.

G.Sherman Jewels were made to last a lifetime, and they truly have.

They sparkle as bright as they once did, and perhaps even more so today, because just like us, they carry with them a cherished past. It’s your turn to write their next chapter. No matter which phase of your elegance journey, let yourself shine bright and your jewels will shine even brighter!