What makes G.Sherman Jewels special is the attention to detail that lives on in each and every one of our pieces. The techniques used in my grandfather’s factory were truly artisanal, the materials top of the line, and those who made them, true craftsmen.

The structure of each and every piece was created by hand before individually placing every crystal. Next, each and every prong was laid down to set the stones in place. Plating and polishing followed with rhodium, gold, or black finishes that called for a secret technique to allow for a perfectly smooth result. Our designs, many of which are 3D or layered, required advanced structural engineering and seamless execution. Simply put, our jewels are impossible to replicate by today’s standards.

Our materials include genuine vintage crystals, rhodium, gold, and ruthenium (japanned/black) plating.

Our jewels are all hand-made in Canada and manufactured in Montréal, Québec.

Every authentic jewel is signed with our last name, Sherman. Today, a signature is recognized as the mark of a premium piece of costume jewelry. While the signature style evolved, one thing remains, if it's not signed, it’s not a Sherman. This is my family’s legacy and my grandfather proudly signed each piece as a seal of approval.

We are known for our diverse range of foiled and unfoiled crystal colors and color combinations (many of which are no longer produced). Using a bespoke approach, my grandfather allowed retailers to customize their jewelry’s colorways to best suit his clients’ taste for that season; he created a diverse range of unique pieces.

Your G.Sherman jewel is a piece of mid-century Canadian fashion history, a symbol of Canadian heritage. Our designs and styles evolved through the decades and are indicative of the mid-century trends in women’s fashion, still relevant today.

These museum worthy pieces have been preserved in the archives of prestigious institutions such as the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario and the McCord Museum in Montreal, Quebec and are highly coveted by private collectors with impressive collections.

Our jewels are rare and as such, many of the styles we have are unique pieces. While we do have similar styles in different colorways, it is uncommon to find multiples of the same piece. This means you are getting something very special that only you will have, our jewels are unique, just like you!

If you are interested in different color options or additional styles, please fill out our Jewel Request form or e-mail at info@gshermanjewels.comWe’ll be happy help you find your perfect jewel.

We like to say the condition is of "past life" because well...they’ve lived. Yes that’s right, your jewels, previously worn with elegance, have seen a lot go on!

The jewels in our extensive archives are made up of family heirlooms and pieces hand selected by Genna Sherman. What you see on our website is just a small sampling of the collection we've been curating over the last 20+ years.

Our new elegance styles are jewels that have been reimagined with modern trends in mind. Using our heritage collection pieces, these asymmetric earring style combinations offer a fresh take on classic pairings.

At G.Sherman Jewels we are are known for my grandfather's motto. Made to Last a Lifetime, and our jewels certainly have! Decades later, our jewels continue to shine as bright as they did the day they were made.

G.Sherman Jewels is a resurrection of the original brand Sherman Jewels of Elegance. It’s been reimagined for the women of today who, just like our jewels, notions of elegance and how she bejewelle's herself have evolved.

And so, the story of our brand and our jewels continues with you and with me; the new elegance. Let's wear our jewels of the past in the way of today!