Your G.Sherman Jewels have lived many lives and we are so glad they’ll get to live yet another with you! We want them to last forever and ever, after all... as you’ve read, they were Made to Last a Lifetime!

 As their new owner, you should know that they are handmade and due to aging that's happened naturally over time, they are indeed delicate. Your jewels should be treated with the same level of care they've received in their past, because really, this is a true testament to why they are here today. 

Throughout our journey, we’ve heard tales of women who preserved their pieces in their original boxes and have also picked up a couple of secrets that will ensure your jewels shine bright for years to come. We know you want to know the tricks of the trade, so here they are:

How we recommend you take care of your jewels:

  • Your jewels should never be submerged in water for long periods of time...maybe don’t go swimming in them or take them in the shower for that matter.
  • If your jewels are complimenting a hair sprayed look, make sure you put them on after your coif is secured. Hairspray can be very damaging to the plating, HELLO 1950s...
  • Definitely avoid banging your jewels around whether on or off. I mean... that’s just not elegant.
  • Remove your earrings by opening the clasp at the back. NEVER tug down on tassels or hanging charms to remove. This seems obvious but you’d be surprised!
  • Try to keep your jewels in a place that is free of moisture. Some of us like it hot but our jewels do not! Condensation can cause rotting in the stones over time and we definitely don't want that.
  • Always keep your jewels protected, like the ladies of the past, we’ve created boxes that can act as a safe home for your new sparkly treasures.
  • Never place your jewels in fibrous packaging. Those little hairs can get stuck in the prongs and’ll be tweezing them out for many wears to come.
  • The best way to remove unwanted fingerprints or dust from your jewels is to use a microfiber cloth. Make sure the cloth is completely smooth as fibers can easily be trapped or pull on the settings. Gently run the cloth over the surface of the jewels to ensure their utmost elegance before wear.
  • For extra shine, we recommend an AMONIA FREE foaming glass cleaner.
  • It is not suggested to use an ultrasonic machine to clean your jewelry.
  • Have fun wearing your jewels, they are delicate but they’ve lasted this long and they are beautiful the way they are!
  • Remember, natural wear is both inevitable and beautiful!

Please note that we’ve taken extra care to ensure all our jewels have been thoroughly sanitized using our top secret, super effective, and gentle cleaning method. It is our duty to ensure your new G.Sherman Jewels arrive in tip top condition, always clean, pristine, and gleaming.

For more tips and techniques on how to clean and care for your jewels, we are here to help!
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